About Us

Travel Singapore is founded by 3 like-minded individuals with a passion for travelling. In the course of our travels, we discovered that there were always numerous channels that offer different selling prices to the attractions that we want to visit. From individual touts selling tickets outside the attractions to different online portals to a physical official looking ‘kiosk’ on the streets. In the course of looking out for a great deal we have experienced:

  • Getting scammed with fake tickets.
  • Getting denied entry at attraction only to be allowed into the attraction with a different ticket after contacting the seller. (We later discover that this was due to the original tickets being fraudulent)
  • Getting legitimate tickets at a discounted price.
  • Getting discounted tickets that gained us entry into attractions without any issues. We discovered later that we are aiding crooks that have obtained the tickets using fraudulent means.

We also did extensive research on why there are such significant price variances between legitimate agencies and sellers. The amalgamation of these experiences and researches resulted in the founding of Travel Singapore.

Travel Singapore mission is to sell legitimate tickets to travelers visiting Singapore at an affordable price.